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I have just released on 2007/11/26 the 1.0. The major feature of this release is the possibility to define your options as .Net attributes.


Exec-Options.Net is a software component that provides to the developer a generic way of managing console application options.

Exec-Options.Net allows you to define mandatory or optional options and at runtime to validate them.

Different types of option are available with specific validation:
  • Empty Option Rule:
    • checks option presence
  • Basic Option Rule:
    • Checks presence of option value
  • Regex Option Rule:
    • Checks presence of option value
    • Finds regular expression match
  • File Option Rule:
    • Checks file existence
    • Checks file size. Zero size not allowed
  • Xml File Option Rule:
    • checks file existence
    • checks file size. Zero size not allowed
    • validates xml file against an Xml schema

To have an overview, how can you use Exec-Options.Net, take a look to the unit tests.

Thanks in advance for giving me feed back !


* 1.0 (in work 2007/11/26):

Support of .Net attributs for option descriptions

* 0.4 (in work 2006/11/16):

This Version will basically not be a feature or maintenance version, I will try to improve the documentation

* 0.3 (Released 2006/10/16):

the API GetValue returns currently a String, this version will make it type safed. The following types are supported
(U)/Int16, (U)/Int32, (U)/Int64, Decimal, Byte, SByte, Double, Enum, String, Char, Boolean

* 0.2 (Released 2006/08/25):

Extension of supporting formats:
- validation of xml files against an xml Schema
- addition of validation constraints of the string format, like regular expressions.

* 0.1.1 (Released 2006/08/15):

Stabilization, error handling, unit tests extension
All basic Features are implemented

* 0.1 Alpha (Released 2006/08/12):

Basic version supporting validation of :
- Mandatory/Optional options
- String Options (like -b sadf6876) : checks the existence of the option value
- flag Options (like -debug)
- file option like (-f d:\temp\mscorlib.dll) : checks the existence of the file

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